About FOX Medical:                                                                                                 إقرأها بالعربية



Fox Medical Engineering



We are honored to offer a range of medical products manufactured to the highest quality standards


The company has the brand FOX


Company Profile

We are Egyptian company named as Fox Medical Co., for medical engineering.

The fields of interest and the activity of company are relatively clear from its name. The company is interested in importing high quality medical products into our market and also manufacture, processing, repair and operation and maintenance of all medical devices since we are trained abroad and have the company's maintenance center accredited by Ministry of industry and all spare part for medical equipment and devices calibration.

The company is providing counseling Engineering and processing of medical hospitals in full.


The company makes all the maintenance for the International Brands as (TOSHIBA, SIEMENS, PHILIPS, GE, KOREAN).


Our Company is A Distributor of :-

· Allengers Medical System LTD. ( INDIA)

· Cognate India for Operating tables and lights (INDIA)

· Radium Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Manufacturer. (CHINA)

· Kiran for Fine Grids. (INDIA)

· Nago for Insert Tubes. (China)



Managing Director: Ashraf Hanna


No. of Sales Reps.: 4 Sales Reps.


Services Department:

4 Biomedical Engineers.

3 communication engineers and

5 technicians

Finally, we hope that above mentioned information will be helpful for you